Inaccessibility for some users (Resolved) Outage
6 days

service has been restored and connections are successfully completing.

Update 08/09/2023 16:05 PM 6 days

Most of the databases have mounted and we estimate the final 5 to mount in the next 5 minutes. Be mindful that all pending connections from anyone on the database will connect once their database is online and there may be a sluggish feel while the connections settle.

Update 08/09/2023 15:27 PM 6 days

The affected node appears to be coming online and we will be monitoring it over the next 15 minutes to confirm everything settles back into sync

Update 08/09/2023 15:16 PM 6 days

We are delaying the forceful switch another 15 minutes (11:30AM) as we're actively working with the data center staff on the original host and all signs point to a resolution incoming.

Update 08/09/2023 14:17 PM 6 days

It appears that around 12% of the mailbox databases within Exchange are currently offline due to a node that went offline while holding an active lock on the database. We're working to bring the node up in a healthy manner so that all nodes are able to resynchronize. We will allow the node until 11:15AM (one hour) to come online before we forcefully move the databases to another node.