Emergency Maintenance on Inbound nodes 19,41 and 42 (Resolved) Issue / Performance
10 hrs

After monitoring the network overall during our peak EST and PST hours, everything appears to be back to our normal nominal network performance, and in many cases significantly better than even our ordinary levels considering the elevated mail flow.

05/22/2019 11:20 AM 11 hrs

ExchangeDefender staff continued to monitor and tune our load balancing infrastructure through our cloud, particularly in our Los Angeles data center. Upgrades, improvements, and other optimizations should significantly increase performance. We will continue to monitor the situation and update this post throughout the day as we have more information but mail delivery should be significantly faster today.

05/21/2019 21:25 PM 1 days

We believe that the issues in Los Angeles have been addressed but we'll continue monitoring these systems. Nodes in this cluster were pulled in and out of production periodically while we tried to diagnose performance related issues (antivirus, DNS, routing, etc).

05/20/2019 16:29 PM 2 days

We've discovered some performance issues in the following nodes:




Our team is currently performing emergency maintenance on those nodes.

If you're experiencing any mail delays and the NDR's are saying they're coming from those nodes, please let us know. Our team is working hard to fix the issues so the delays do not continue., 

If you have any questions or concerns, please put in a support ticket @ https://support.ownwebnow.com or give us a call @877-546-0316

We appreciate your patience in this matter. 

Reverse DNS error (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
7 days

Issue has been resolved if any denials please try again. Thank you for your patience

05/15/2019 15:21 PM 7 days

We are currently looking into errors with Reverse DNS error for some users. We will update as it develops. Thank you.

Landlines (Resolved) Issue / Performance
7 days

Issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

05/14/2019 19:43 PM 8 days

We are currently expecting issues with incoming calls to our landlines. We are working to fix the issue. We will update as it develops.

Level 3 outages (Resolved) Outage
6 days

The outages seem to be resolved. Thank you for your patience.

05/14/2019 19:41 PM 8 days

Currently Nationwide they are reported Level 3 outages. We will monitor the situation as it develops. Please expect slow response/loading times when using our system.

Sharepoint Issues (Resolved) Issue / Performance
5 days

Thank you for your patience. The issue has been resolved.

05/13/2019 15:26 PM 9 days

We are currently experiencing some issues with one of our Sharepoint nodes on Gladstone. 

Our team is currently investigating the problem and will have a resolution shortly. 

If you're on Gladstone and are experiencing issues with accessing Sharepoint, please open up a support ticket and let us know the sharepoint credentials so we can validate connectivity. 

Exchange Defender Quarantine Spam Reports (Resolved) Issue / Performance
13 days

The issue was fixed.

05/09/2019 12:54 PM 13 days

ExchangeDefender has received reports of several users receiving empty ExchangeDefender Quarantine SPAM reports. We are addressing the issue at the moment and will have it resolved today. In the meantime, all users can access their SPAM messages at https://admin.exchangedefender.com or by clicking on the link in the email.

ROCKERDUCK single DB dismounted (Resolved) Issue / Performance
14 days

We noticed an unusual high level of MAPI failed responses for a single database. We begun an active host switch over which should have immediately completed with no service interruption. Unfortunately, the mount didn't immediately finish and is still processing the switch over. This database holds 90 mailboxes. Users on this database will be unable to access their mailbox until the switch over is completed. 

POP3 server mail1 issue (Resolved) Outage
22 days

Service has been restored to mail1

05/01/2019 02:19 AM 21 days

We are investigating an outage on mail1.ownwebnow.com (mail1.exchangedefender.com). Currently all services are inaccessible. This affects some web hosting clients who use the POP services

Pausing mail flow in Dallas 9PM (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
22 days

This was completed without any issue

04/30/2019 17:11 PM 22 days

We will be restarting some Dallas ExchangeDefender inbound node core components at 9:45PM until 10:00 PM on 4/30/19. We will pause mail flow going to Dallas at 9:30PM to prevent any mail flow issues from occurring. Mail will continue to route through our other data centers and there will be no interruption in mail flow.

SSL Certificate Issues (Resolved) Issue / Performance
22 days

We are currently experiencing some SSL Certificate issues on our GLADSTONE Cluster. We have identified the issue and are currently working to resolve it. We appreciate your patience.

Inbound Phone Issues. (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
22 days

We are currently experiencing issues with our inbound phone system. If you require immediate assistance or a callback, please open a support ticket @https://support.ownwebnow.com and we'll be more than happy to assist you. 

We appreciate your patience in this mattter. 

Issues with Public folders on LOUIE (Resolved) Issue / Performance
28 days

The public folder issues on our LOUIE Cluster have been resolved. 

If you are still experiencing issues with accessing public folders, please let us know. 

We appreciate your patience in this matter. 

04/24/2019 14:57 PM 28 days

We are currently having issues with accessing Public Folders on our LOUIE Cluster. Our team is currently investigating these issues ans will provide an update as soon as it's been resolved. We appreciate your patience.

SSL Certificate Issues (Resolved) Issue / Performance
29 days

We have rectified the SSL issue on our Rockeduck cluster, we appreciate your patience in the matter. If you're still encountering issues, please call us 877-546-0316 or put in a support ticket https://support.ownwebnow.com. Thank you again for your patience.

04/23/2019 15:17 PM 29 days

We are currently experiencing some SSL Certificate issues on our ROCKERDUCK Cluster. We have identified the issue and are currently working to resolve it. We appreciate your patience.

Mail Delays (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
4 days

The issue with the Mail Delays across both the Dallas and Los Angeles Data Centers has been identified and repaired. Mail should start flowing normally within a few minutes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team via Ticket or call us at 877-546-0316. We appreciate your patience.

Exchange 2016 Database Distribution Rebalance (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
6 days

We have scheduled a rebalance of active hosted database distribution on our Exchange 2016 Nodes. This will have no impact on customer accessibility. 

LOUIEMBOX7 Performance Issues (Resolved) Issue / Performance
6 days

Reboots have been scheduled for LOUIEMBOX7 due to Memory issues. This is scheduled for 930PM EST today. This will have no impact on customer accessibility.

Comcast Blacklist Rejections (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
10 days

We have received two (2) client complaints about email being rejected by Comcast. 

At the moment we aren't seeing issues with delivery to Comcast, none of our IP addresses on any outbound networks are on an RBL (mxtoolbox.com), and manual telnet SMTP diagnostics tests are so far showing no issues either. This leads us to believe that it's a typical Comcast issue (rejecting mail randomly from different servers as they get swamped and overloaded during peak hours). Best practices for sending mail to Comcast or Yahoo is to just resend the message and hope a different server in their infrastructure accepts the message. When there are RBL issues, we immediately open a support request and start working with their postmaster staff.

Email delivery delays on Gladstone (Resolved) Issue / Performance
11 days

Maintenance task has been completed and we have not seen nor have we received reports of any issues.

04/10/2019 14:00 PM 12 days

Some users on the ExchangeDefender Exchange cluster GLADSTONE experienced significant email delivery delays throughout the day as we rebalanced our storage. This is a one-time event that was a side effect of a major maintenance task required to facilitate a change in processing of our Compliance Archiving mail. Traditionally, we stored ExchangeDefender mailboxes and journal mailboxes on same volumes which during peak hours could create a performance issue, and this maintenance task assured that going forward Exchange bottlenecks will not be a source of issues for clients that remain on our legacy Exchange infrastructure.

If this issue affected your clients adversely, please schedule a migration of their mailboxes to Exchange 2016 with our team immediately and we will make sure that they are moved to the front of the queue.

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive still received and sent messages in realtime allowing our clients to not feel a major performance impact.