Hurricane Ian Impact (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
15 days

ExchangeDefender & most of it's staff made it through the Hurricane Ian and it's level 1 hurricane winds. We're all good and safe, thanks to all who have expressed concern and thought about us during this difficult moment. 

Those of you that visited our headquarters over the years have probably seen that our Lake Eola went up several feet and swallowed up the entire neighborhood. Most of our staff in the Orlando Metro area is without power/Internet but there has been no impact to our services. As a community we have a long weekend of cleanup ahead of us but we're so thankful this dangerous storm didn't cause more catastrophic damage.

We expect for everything to return to normal by Wednesday, October 5th. In the meantime, service levels will remain unaffected.

Update 09/28/2022 16:59 PM 17 days

Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall in Florida shortly and most of our staff is directly in it's path in the Central Florida region. 

While we are prepared and don't expect any impact to our services, this storm is huge and will likely impact our staff. It will also catastrophically affect our clients across Florida and we're already assisting remotely.

We're asking our clients and partners for some patience with support SLAs and understanding as we wait for this storm to pass and support workloads to return to their normal levels. If you're in the path of the storm please stay safe.