Admin Maintenance (Resolved) Issue / Performance
25 days

If your users haven't received their scheduled Quarantine Reports, please know that you can resend the reports. 

Simply log into ( with either your SP or Domain level account.

Once there, select accounts, and find the users who are reporting that they haven't received it. Once they've been selected, click on the Actions button then click on the "Resend SPAM Report" Button. 

If you're still experiencing issues with receiving SPAM Messages, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to take look into it. 

Update 06/20/2019 15:00 PM 25 days

The issue with the admin site ( and ExchangeDefender Encryption portal ( has been addressed. The issue was related to some services exceeding connection counts (similar to "all circuits are busy now") in which some clients were displayed the error when the connection to the backend services could not be made. Out of abundance of caution, we put up a maintenance notice while resource adjustments were done. Everything is back to normal, mail is flowing.

Specifically, the issue was with the database facilities used for event logging. It did not affect the actual mail processing services.