ExchangeDefender & extended TLD bounces (Resolved) Issue / Performance
7 days

The extended TLD and reputation services have been addressed and we're comfortable closing this incident having fixed the problem.

The original issue has caused us to have series of meetings regarding priorities in ExchangeDefender security suite, given that the recent exploits are in line with the Microsoft hack. Between nearly every Microsoft Exchange server in the wild compromised by the HAFNIUM exploit, and the extent of SolarWinds hack, a more personal service is needed.

If you were affected by this hack and are our partner, we are able to assist you in cleaning it out as well.

Update 03/03/2021 18:42 PM 12 days

ExchangeDefender has removed IP reputation services for extended/vanity TLDs and the entire network is back to normal.

We will be replacing the protection for these top level domains with an ExchangeDefender solution. allowing you to accept/block on a tld level. Outside of the general TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .mil, country code tlds), you're looking at having to deal with over 1,200 top level domains (like .cam, .casa) and an unlimited number of domain names that can be registered through their NICs, some with absolutely 0 tracking or policing. In short, you should just basket-ban them and only whitelist specific domains ( that you trust. More details on the management and what went wrong tonight.

Update 03/03/2021 17:23 PM 12 days

We have removed extended tld reputation services from the edge of our network, and the change has cleared development and testing. Currently the update is propagating through our entire inbound network (allow additional 15-45 minutes for propagation).

While ExchangeDefender will no longer reject vanity/extended TLD messages or hostnames, it is still possible that messages from those sources contain SPAM and malware. If we detect dangerous content, we will categorize messages as SPAM and route it according to your domain policy.

This event will be receiving further updates over the next few days, please stay tuned.

Update 03/03/2021 15:50 PM 12 days

ExchangeDefender is currently having issues processing mail from extended / vanity top level domains (ex: .aero, .xxx, .moscow). Senders are receiving an error:

 5.5.0 5.5.3 Your mail provider suffers of poor reputation. Please contact them ID8841086

Messages from these servers and addresses will start processing again shortly.

Background: Extended tlds are a constant source of malware and attacks on our network. The provider that we are receiving registration data from (to see if the domain is newly registered and thus banned vs. reputation checking) is providing bad data, causing the rejections. We are currently working around it.