Networking expansion preparation (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
7 days

the migration was completed successfully and all services were verified

Update 04/09/2024 01:08 AM 6 days

we have resumed routing inbound mail (15 mins ago) and are finalizing the changes for the rest of services

Update 04/09/2024 00:31 AM 6 days

the change is underway and in progress

Update 04/09/2024 00:25 AM 6 days

We are temporarily pausing inbound mail in preparation of reattempting the migration

Update 04/09/2024 00:19 AM 6 days

The migration has been slightly postponed and services are accessible except for web services. We anticipate the changes to finalize within the next 15 minutes

Update 04/08/2024 23:59 PM 6 days

The changes are about to go live. There will be no service access until 8:05PM as the changes finalize

Update 04/08/2024 23:36 PM 6 days

Network changes will occur in 20 minutes. Prior to the change we will disable incoming mail in order to let the network settle after the change. We will re-enable inbound mail as soon as possible after the 8PM change.

Update 04/03/2024 17:26 PM 12 days

On Monday April 8th at 8PM Eastern we will be making a change to our core network in our primary data center in preparation for a geographical expansion coming up. We expect there to be a brief 5 minute period where all services will be offline as our providers apply configuration changes to facilitate the expansion. If services are impacted for more than 15 minutes we will notify our providers to reverse the changes.