Potential mail delays (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
26 days

We've implemented our work around solution and we're seeing dramatic improvements in response time. We will continue to monitor the performance and work on fixing the underlaying issue with mail routing through LAX. At the moment, there are no observed delays

Update 03/10/2020 14:35 PM 5 days

We've re-enabled our LAX datacenter and we are processing mail in both locations. We will monitor the load distribution over the next 15 minutes and update this NOC when service is fully operational

Update 03/10/2020 14:18 PM 5 days

We're working on an issue with our secondary datacenter. For the time being, we've disabled mail from being accepted by our LAX and routing everything through our primary data center. We haven't seen any spikes in delays, but there is potential for 5-10 minute delays. We will update this post when all data centers are back to full operational status.