LiveArchive Maintenance (Resolved) Issue / Performance
11 days

All work on LiveArchive has been completed in 2020, we're looking forward to keeping you online when mail or your mailbox go down in 2021 and beyond.

Update 12/30/2020 20:53 PM 15 days

Bulk of the storage/allocation work has been completed as of 4PM EST. We will continue with additional work but we do not expect errors displayed to anyone, so if you get one please let us know at

Update 12/30/2020 13:57 PM 15 days

We are conducting maintenance on our LiveArchive clusters December 30-31, there will be sporradic latency / timeouts / outages as we make adjustments and upgrades. While the specific cluster your mailbox resides on is under maintenance you may receive an Error notice, give it a minute or two and refresh.