Exchange Zero Day Patch (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
12 days

We are currently actively updating all Exchange servers in our cluster in response to the HAFNIUM zero day exploits. A small subset of users (13%) experienced the inability to access their mailboxes from 2am-3am EST (due to the inability to cascade their updates in a timely manner), however, all other customers will see no impact from the patching. As servers are patched they are removed from mail flow and all active connections are offloaded to a fully patched server. All unpatched servers have been removed from the load balancing proxy in order to mitigate the ability for the aforementioned exploits to be utilized. Prior to patching, we ran all available detection scripts against all nodes and have confirmed none of nodes have been exploited. We will continue to monitor advisories from all our vendors and treat all HAFNUM related updates as critical.