Inbound mail delivery (Resolved) Issue / Performance
5 days

Overall delivery and livearchive delivery have stabilized and all services are operational.

Update 11/08/2021 15:23 PM 7 days

All services have been restored ~8 AM and performing well for about 1:30hr at this point.

We are still working on delivering all the mail to LiveArchive, as well as misc other maintenance items that we're required to perform after every performance issue.

Update 11/08/2021 12:55 PM 7 days

Mail is again flowing normally and delivering mail that was delivered to ExchangeDefender. The delivery process should be completed by 8AM.

We are continuing to work on this issue and will provide more details.

Update 11/08/2021 12:17 PM 7 days

We are currently experiencing a very high load processing inbound mail, which is causing delays in delivery.