Large scale phishing attack from Russia (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
26 days

We are presently experiencing a massive phishing attack originating in Russia targeting enterprise users from Office365 and beyond. All messages suggest that the invoice/order/bill/payment/transaction has been completed and encourages clients to click on a link that either has a dangerous malware payload or identity theft attempt. This is similar to the Azure and Amazon Web Services (aws) outbreak that has been gaining momentum for the past week.

If you have ExchangeDefender, you don't have anything to worry about - we're blocking their access to our clients and anything that does slip will be picked up by the ExchangeDefender Phishing Firewall which will block traffic to those dangerous sites.  

If your ExchangeDefender service is managed by a third party (MSP) please check with them directly to see if they have blocked ExchangeDefender Phishing Firewall because that action would put you at risk.