outbound1 spam bomb (Resolved) Issue / Performance
18 days

Outbound mail is again routing without error, the DDoS attack has been mitigated.

Update 09/27/2023 19:56 PM 18 days

We've been able to mitigate the attack and are currently cleaning out messages that were part of the attack delivered to our network. After the purge is completed we anticipate restoring the service and pushing it back to general availability. 

Expect an update by 4:10 PM EST.

Update 09/27/2023 19:42 PM 18 days

We are currently addressing a wide reaching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack with multiple compromised Microsoft/Office365 clients being used to phish gmail.com accounts. In order to prevent domain reputation problems and potential RBL listings we've had to temporarily pause routing between the two networks in order to add more inspection and containment of this attack. 

Please stand by, mail will automatically resume and deliver in the background.