Outbound emails delay (Resolved) Issue / Performance
29 days

We have made adjustments on the outbound network and everything is moving along smoothly. All queued mail has been dispatched and your users may have received a delay notification for the email, but rest assured it has been delivered.

It appears during an automated failover to the backup EDGE servers a looping condition was introduced and both primary and secondary EDGE servers began to cycle mail between each other instead of to the outgoing destination. I've corrected the routing logic on the secondary servers and resolved the quorum issue which originally led to the secondary servers becoming active. From this point on, all edge servers will work in an active/active setup to avoid future inconsistencies between active/backup logic.

Update 02/16/2021 16:38 PM 29 days

We are currently experiencing delays on our outbound nodes.

Our engineers are working on a solution at the moment, please rest assured we are working diligently to restore performance back to normal.

Thank you for your patience.