ExchangeDefender sees no impact from Log4J CVE (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
13 hrs

As a matter of policy we do not comment on security events that are not related to our infrastructure. However, considering the significant PR that the Apache Log4J CVE is rightfully getting, we have received multiple inquiries so:

ExchangeDefender does not use Java on any production systems. 

ExchangeDefender NOC uses one Java-based solution on our internal network, however, it does not rely on Log4J so it is not impacted by this CVE.

We do not expect any impact to our operations. However, significant effort has been put in by our teams since this vulnerability has been announced and we've taken significant precautionary mesaures (such as mapping and blocking IP addresses that are scanning systems for this vulnerability and attempting to exploit it) to help secure our clients from other emerging threats likely to come from the same sources.