ExchangeDefender SPAM Reports (Resolved) Issue / Performance
24 days

Beginning at 1:00PM Eastern quarantine reports resumed their normal service. Previous daily and intradaily reports were going out at the incorrect time due to a legacy timezone conversion. We've successfully replaced the legacy logic with an up to date method to accurately convert the time to the users requested time and time zone. Going forward, users in time zones that do not observe DST will no longer have to adjust their quarantine report times when our servers switch to and from DST

Update 06/09/2021 19:23 PM 6 days

As of noon EST, we are seeing Quarantine Email reports generation and delivery returning to normal. We are continuing to work on this issue.

In the meantime, please keep going to to stay on top of all of your SPAM quarantine messages.

Update 06/08/2021 12:37 PM 7 days

We have been investigating multiple reports of ExchangeDefender Quarantine SPAM reports not reaching their intended target. Unfortunately due to the contents of Quarantine Reports (spam message subjects, senders, etc) they tend to get caught by SPAM filters and are a legacy service of ExchangeDefender Pro. We're working on it.

In the meantime, please go to It will give you realtime access to all your queued up junk mail and you'll be able to read it in a secure browser, reply, forward, print and in general be done with your SPAM reports in a fraction of the time. If you're an IT provider, please forward this documentation to your client as well, it will walk them through the whole process and explain all the features: