ExchangeDefender Pishing Firewall Whitelists (Resolved) Issue / Performance
10 days

During the final phase of ExchangeDefender Phishing Firewall deployment, our whitelists briefly stopped working. This means that the users were prompted with the info screen every time they clicked on any link, good or bad, which should not be happening. An emergency patch at 2:30 PM EST was deployed and now whitelist and permitted list code is in effect.

Info: By default, ExchangeDefender Pro clients will only see the warning screen under 2 conditions: 1) Domain they clicked on is categorized as a malicious source of phishing/malware or 2) Domain is not one of the top domains on the Internet and is not on the whitelist (typically, this is where phishing content is generally directed to). For most users, warning/redirection screen should seldom be displayed.