M365 High Confidence Phishing Quarantines (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
10 hrs

Over the past week we've received several complaints from clients about M365 mail going to Junk Mail and in all instances the users did not deploy ExchangeDefender as required. After the domain is brought into compliance and properly rolled out (so there are no failures or warnings) the mail starts flowing normally again within a day or two (likely due to DNS caching).

We dedicated a good part of 2021 and 2022 requesting our clients comply with strict SPF/DKIM/DMARC rollout as it's being required by Microsoft, Google, and all other large email providers including ExchangeDefender. If you are experiencing issues please go to https://check.exchangedefender.com to run the DNS check and make the requested changes to your DNS. If you need help with your DNS we offer an affordable DNS service to manage and maintain your domain for you.

Update 07/28/2022 14:53 PM 17 days

We have received two reports of Microsoft M365 domains protected by ExchangeDefender suddenly classifying large amounts of messages as High Confidence Phish. If you are running into this issue AND your tenant is correctly configured according to our rollout guide, please open a ticket with M365 and ask why the message is being categorized as such. Here are two things you should do:

1. Confirm that your tenant is properly configured and locked down to ExchangeDefender by following every step of this guide.

2. If all your settings are correct and Microsoft M365 is not helpful, follow this guide to turn off M365 phishing (which is likely causing this issue). 

Nothing on the ExchangeDefender side has changed to cause this issue, and we are not able to replicate this issue with any of our managed clients or demo accounts on M365. Please confirm that all steps in #1 and #2 are correctly executed and applied, and if the problem persists ask Microsoft M365 to determine where the problem is. If our ranges are in the allow list AND we're bypassing their phishing/spoofing protection then please ask them how or why messages are getting quarantined by M365.

In the meantime, you can always rely on ExchangeDefender LiveArchive to access a live copy of your Inbox.