Warning Messages (Resolved) Issue / Performance
28 days

As of noon EST, the issue has been addressed and we have not seen another instance of a malware related DDoS. The problem has been addressed around 8:30 EST, fixed, put back into production for testing at 11AM and into full production around 11:30. As of 2PM EST, everything is in the clear.

For the messages that were received previously and that were affected by the DDoS, the malware scan only disarms the dangerous HTML entities. All legitimate email clients send messages in both HTML and text content, and they will show HTML version if available by default (hence why some saw the warning). To see the actual message just right click, select View Source, and you'll see the text version of it.

As of 9AM, this bug affected 117 messages of which 82 came via typical "marketing" junk source from Indeed, Constant Contact, and vresp.

We believe this problem will not show up due to a change in how we're logging and disarming these bug/tracking entities, but we will keep an eye on it as usual.

Update 06/14/2019 13:22 PM 1 days

We are still working on the issue that was causing the problem, and have disabled the scan that was being affected in order to assure email delivery.

We are investigating and will provide an update when the problem has been resolved.

However, all mail should be arriving without an issue and without the DDoS notice.

If the message had critical / important information (in our searches it appears to have overwhelmingly affected mass mailing platforms like indeedmail, constantcontact, vresp) you can still see it by viewing the source of the message.

Just Right click, select View Source and you'll see the text version of the message.

Update 06/14/2019 12:49 PM 1 days

We are investigating a reported issue regarding DDoS warning messages this morning as we've had a higher than usual number of messages crashing the security/antivirus engine during the scan.

We hope to have it resolved shortly.

In the meantime, if you can ask the client to resend the message, please do.