Email delivery delays on Gladstone (Resolved) Issue / Performance
2 days

The issue was resolved and clients have reported no issues since.

Update 04/11/2019 16:45 PM 4 days

Maintenance task has been completed and we have not seen nor have we received reports of any issues.

Update 04/10/2019 14:00 PM 5 days

Some users on the ExchangeDefender Exchange cluster GLADSTONE experienced significant email delivery delays throughout the day as we rebalanced our storage. This is a one-time event that was a side effect of a major maintenance task required to facilitate a change in processing of our Compliance Archiving mail. Traditionally, we stored ExchangeDefender mailboxes and journal mailboxes on same volumes which during peak hours could create a performance issue, and this maintenance task assured that going forward Exchange bottlenecks will not be a source of issues for clients that remain on our legacy Exchange infrastructure.

If this issue affected your clients adversely, please schedule a migration of their mailboxes to Exchange 2016 with our team immediately and we will make sure that they are moved to the front of the queue.

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive still received and sent messages in realtime allowing our clients to not feel a major performance impact.