On site maintenance (upgraded outage for some uses) (Resolved) Outage
24 days

All mailboxes are available and mail is flushing

Update 09/22/2023 00:07 AM 23 days

We are in the final stretch of the process and should have the new database ready within an hour. 

Update 09/21/2023 20:21 PM 24 days

We are still working on moving the data for the final ~30 mailboxes. We are pulling the last offsite backup for the database to our lab environment in order to have a multipath approach. We are currently aiming to have service restored by EOB Friday but we are still unable to provide a reliable ETA for at least another 12 hours.

Affected users with local Outlook instances are able to request a blank mailbox on a new database in order to allow the affected user to import their cached Outlook data into their new mailbox. 

Update 09/21/2023 09:25 AM 24 days

We have completed the required emergency storage upgrade to exchange. There are around 30 mailboxes which are still moving from their existing database. Unfortunately this move was required due to cascading hardware issues that were worsening rapidly. Unfortunately the data move for the final two databases is unpredictable as the transfer rate are fluctuating.

We will allow exchange to continue to perform repairs and copies from the existing database before we consider alternative actions.

If you need access to send and receive email immediately and don't want to wait/troubleshoot Outlook go to https://admin.exchangedefender.com and click on Inbox.

For older messages (up to 1 year) please go to LiveArchive (also accessible from https://admin.exchangedefender.com or https://livearchive.exchangedefender.com) 

Update 09/21/2023 04:35 AM 24 days

For users affected by the database outage please access inbox or livearchive to access live mail

Update 09/21/2023 04:13 AM 24 days

upgraded severity and title

Update 09/21/2023 04:05 AM 24 days

We still are still working on recovering access for the final two mailbox databases. 

Update 09/20/2023 23:51 PM 24 days

There are a subset of mailbox databases offline while we perform work. Access to these mailboxes will yield an error message in OWA while offline

Update 09/20/2023 20:29 PM 25 days

Maintenance will begin at 6PM Eastern and is estimated to continue until 11PM Eastern

Update 09/20/2023 03:00 AM 25 days

Maintenance will be rescheduled for Sept 20

Update 09/20/2023 02:14 AM 25 days

Maintenance has not begun and will likely be rescheduled. A future update will contain the next allocated window.

Update 09/19/2023 16:49 PM 26 days

We will be performing on site upgrades and maintenance to the Exchange cluster. Service is not expected to be impacted or affected, however, any unexpected interruption in service would be expected to be resolved within 15 minutes.

Tues September 19th 2023 6PM EASTERN until 11PM EASTERN