Outlook/OWA unavailable for some users (Resolved) Outage
22 days

Access has been restored and we are seeing successful connections 

Update 05/23/2024 17:12 PM 22 days

We are currently working on the problem related to Microsoft Exchange storage systems. If you go to OWA or Outlook you will be greeted with this error after authentication: "We're having trouble getting to your mailbox right now. Please refresh the page or try again later."

The problem is currently affecting up to 60 mailboxes that are showing as offline and we're allowing automatic recovery to take place. Not to worry, no mail is lost and we will have the mailboxes online as soon as possible.

Because we cannot provide an ETA we encourage everyone affected to go to https://admin.exchangedefender.com and click on Inbox. This is our new business continuity solution designed for moments like this one - you can send and receive email in realtime until Outlook/OWA service is restored.